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News Update

Farmer Scientist Interaction Programme under ATMA Projecton 12th May, 2016

The Technology Week & Rabi Kisan Mahotsab-2016 will be held on and from February 16-19, 2016

Following seeds are available in Dakshin Dinajpur Krishi Vigyan Kendra

  • SwarnaMasuri(MTU 7029), CertifiedRs. 32/kg
  • Pratikshya (IET 15191) Certified Rs. 32/kg
  • Samba Masuri (BPT 5204) Certified Rs. 32/kg
  • Swarna Sub – 1 (IET20266) Certified Rs. 32/kg
  • Satabdi (IET 4786) Foundation Rs. 34/kg
  • GontraBidhan -1 (IET 17430) certifiedRs. 32/kg
  • MTU1006 (IET14348) Foundation Rs. 34/kg
  • Lalat Foundation Rs. 34/kg
  • Khitish (IET 4094) Certified Rs. 32/kg
  • Heera TL Ts. 32/kg
  • Turmeric (Suranjana)
  • Wheat


Krishi Proshkshon shibir-- Uttar Banga Patrika dated 15/06/2016 Contact: Mr. S. Singha
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Krishi Vigyanider chestai mohilader dhan chaser shikshon-- Uttar Banga Patrika dated 08/06/2016 Contact: KVK
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Chara Tairir Proshkshon shibir-- Uttar Banga Patrika dated 07/06/2016, Contact: Mr. S. Islam
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Quick Help Chaser Dishary ( Mr. S. Islam )—Ananda Bazar Patrika dated 11/05/2016
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Save Animals from Hit Stroke(Dr. S. Biswas) —Ananda Bazar Patrika dated 08/05/2016
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Facing Problem in Summer, Farming of Beekeeping ,Pease see & Contact Mr. S.Singha —Uttar Banga Patrika dated 13/05/2016
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Facing Problem in Summer, Solve and Analyst by Dr. B.Goswami —Uttar Banga Patrika dated 30/04/2016
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Bazarer chahida metate Pabda Machar Chash,Analyst by Dr. B.Goswami —Ananda Bazar Patrika dated 09/03/2016 Contact: Dr. B. Goswami
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A Great Successor Farming of Mushroom, Sanjay Sarkar Patiram —Uttar Banga Patrika dated 03/02/2016
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A lot encouraging of farming Mushroom in KVK, Majhian—Uttar Banga Patrika dated 10/02/2016
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Successfull Bee-preneure Listed in KVK, Majhian
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A Recent Good News for Small Animal Farming in Dakshin Dinajpur, —Aajkal Patrika dated 12/01/2016
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A New Innovative Idea for Farming, Sanjay Sarkar Patiram —Ananda Bazar Patrika dated 09/09/2015
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Krishna Karmakar,Bee Keeping, Kriti Krishak Samman Award from CII in 2014-15.
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BIKARNA BARMAN,Farming of Mushroom, Kriti Krishak Samman Award from UBKV in 2014-15.
Kriti Krishak Samman from NABARD in 2013-14

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